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Family of Dicy and Eugene Hickman

On June 15, 1910, Dicy Davis married Josiah Eugene Hickman in her hometown of Cannonville, Utah. The marriage was witnessed by only a few loving friends and family. Their earthly union would only last seventeen years, ending May 4, 1927, when Dicy died giving birth to their son, Edwin Lamont Hickman. Eugene and Dicy had nine children, Maurine, Renon, Gwen, Evelyn, Josiah Davis (Jay), Mary Ella, Maynard, Darrell, and Edwin Lamont, however, only six lived to adulthood. Now the two remaining children of the family, Gwen and Maynard, welcome you to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the marriage of their mother and father.
As of 2010, the families of Dicy and Eugene's remaining six children now number 18 grand children, 69 great-grandchildren, 132 great-great-grandchildren, 30 great-great-great grandchildren, totaling 258 progenitors.
We are establishing this blog not only for the 2010 reunion. But also as a place where the family members can stay connected. We encourage you to add your own family blog sites, links to family histories, and as a place to share photos and other family information with one another. Two months before Dicy died she wrote to her mother expressing how important it was for a family to care for each other, especially after their parents are gone. That has become more than a wish of Dicy's, it has become a reality that has now lasted for more than a century.

Welcome to the 2010 Hickman Family Reunioin

June 18, 19, 20th
We are excited to gather this year and celebrate the 100th wedding Anniversary of Eugene and Dicy Hickman on June 15, 1910. We will also be celebrating the birthdays of their two living children Gwen and Maynard, who will be 95 and 87 in June as well.

On June 24, 1962, the day that Eugene Hickman died; he and his nephew Wendell Mc Garry and family, traveled the road from Escalante to Teasdale. As they traveled Eugene reminisced about Dicy and their children telling Wendell, "This was the best time of my life." Now nearly fifty years later, you and your family are invited to visit these places where Eugene and Dicy Hickman spend the best times of their lives.

The reunion activities will begin on Friday, June 18th at 10:00a.m. at the Teasdale Amusement Hall (the large rock-dome building) there we will register and everyone will be given an old-fashioned boxed lunch to enjoy. Our tour of Teasdale will start at 11 o'clock and Dicy and Maxine will be our tour guides. We will visit the Ranger Station and see where Grandpa Hickman and Keno loved to ride. Ann Johnson will be our guide. Then on to Boulder to the site of old Boulder School where he taught school, and Uncle Maynard will be telling us about the Hickman's time in Boulder. The day will end in Escalante where you should find lodging. A list of place to stay and restaurants will be provided on the 2010 Hickman Family Reunion Blog site. Plan joining the family that evening at the city park for homemade chili, cornbread with honey butter, and apple crisp at 7pm. Following supper you can visit, or join in for an evening of activities (Hickman style) which includes a checker tournament, peanut shelling contest, taffy pull, or kickball.

The next day will begin with a continental breakfast at the park featuring Wasatch Academy cinnamon rolls. We will have brief family meeting following breakfast. Then you can continue on the tour at 10:30 to Cannonville and the home site of Dicy Hickman, then on to Widtsoe to visit site of Eugen and Dicy's first home and the old school where Grandpa Hickman began teaching. Or if you choose you may want to visit some of the many scenic sites nearby, a list of these places are also on included on the blog. The day will conclude with Dutch-Oven Dinner at the park to celebrate the birthdays of Gwen and Maynard and the 100th wedding anniversary of Eugene and Dicy.

The fee for the reunion for each person will be $20 for adults if you are there for both Friday and Saturday, or $10 dollars if you are there for only one day. Children under 12 are free. We much have an RSVP if you are planning on attending, including how many will be in your family. We need this by May 15th. Please email this to Or call Deanna Greer (435)-257-7777, Rosemary Smith (801)292-9939, Joyce Woolsey(661)663-4098, or Evelyn Corning (520)297-5470.

Schedule of Events

Hickman Reunion 2010-Schedule of the Events

Friday June 18 Traveling for Family Sites from Teasdale to Escalante, Utah

Registration:10:00-11:00 Meet at the Teasdale Amusement Hall(old dome building) Itinerary and Box Lunches will be handed out
Time: 11:00-1:00 in Teasdale
Teasdale Guides: Dicey and Maxine
Places we will visit:
Teasdale Amusement Hall
Ranger Station/Hiskey Home
Hickman Store Site
Teasdale Cemetery

Next Stop: Old Wildcat Ranger Station (approx. 10 miles from the Teasdale turn-off on HWY 12)
Time: 2:00-3:00
Ranger Station Guide: Ann and Jeff Johnson

Next Stop: Boulder( approx 22 miles from the wildcat Ranger station on HWY 12)
Boulder Guide: Maynard
Places to Visit
Location of the Old Boulder School
Almond Robinson Home Site-The place where Eugene and Dicy lived

Final Stop: Escalante (approx 27 miles from Boulder, Utah on HWY 12)
Time: 5:00 arrival check in at your motels and relax

Dinner: Homemade chili and cornbread at the city park under the Lions' Club Ramada at 7:00p.m.
Dinner Host: Blaine Lyman
Activities following: Recreational Activities Hickman Style: Checker Tournament, Peanut shelling contest, a taffy pull, kickball and visiting

Saturday June 19 Hickman Reunion 2010 Continued

Breakfast and Family Council
Time: 9:00
Place:Lions Club Ramada Continental Breakfast: Wasatch Academy Cinnamon Rolls, fruit, juice, milk, or hot beverages
Breakfast Host: Deanna Greer
Following breakfast we will have Hickman Family Council to exchange family information and set up the next reunion, afterwards families can choose if they want to go Cannonville and Widstoe or go site seeing on their own.
Family Home Sites in Cannonville and Widstoe/Site Seeing
Time: 10:30-2:00
Cannonville is about 34 miles from Escalante, Widstoe is about 20 from Cannonville
Tour Guide:TBA
Lunch: On Your Own(if you would like you can pick-up Subway sandwiches at Pink Cliffs before heading to Widstoe)

Site Seeing on your Own
Possible Place to visit can be found on the Eugene and Dicy Hickman Reunion Blog:

Celebration Dinner
Place: Lions Club Ramada
Dinner Host: Dick Lyman
Country Ribs and Dutch-oven Potatoes and all the trimmings followed by birthday celebration for Gwen and Maynard concluding with a Hickman Family video

June 20 Sunday

LDS Church Services are at 9:00 and 11:00, On Your Own

If inclement weather we will meet in the cultural hall or the LDS church rather than the Lions Club Ramada

Places to Eat In Escalante

Cowboy Blues (435)826-4577
Circle D (435)826-4747
Georgie's Corner Cafe & Deli (435)826-4784
Prospector Resturant
Escalante Frosty Shop

Places to Stay in Esclante

Padre Motel 435-826-4276 20 E Main St, Escalante, Ut (The motel Dick and Mary Lyman own)

Moqui Motel 435-826-4210 480 W Main St

Lotts Legacy Boarding School 435-826-4250 75 S 100 W

Circle D Motel 435-826-4297 475 W Main St

Prospector Inn 435-826-4653 380 W Main St

Escalante Grand Staircase Bed and Breakfast 435-826-4890 280 W Main St

Canyon Bed & Breakfast 435-826-4747 120 E Main St

Rainbow Country Bed and Breakfast 1-800-252-8824 586 E 300 South

Slot Canyons Inn Bed and Breakfast 435-826-4901 3680 W Highway 12

Scenic Places for Sightseeing and Recreation

Esclanate Grand Staircase National Monument- Stop at the visitor center and select a place you want to see

Posey Lake-if you enjoy fishing Posey lake is just 16 miles out of town

Devils Rock Garden-just out of town about 18 miles it is a favorite place to go with children. Part of the road is dirt

Bryce Canyon National Park- This national park is about 52 miles away from Escalante heading north out of town

Calf Creek Recreational Area and Lower Calf Creek Falls- A beautiful area about 15 miles out of town. The lower Calf Creek Falls is an incredible oasis. There are always lots of visitors, but it is worth the hike.

Escalante Petrified Forest State Park- Just about 3 miles outside of town. This year they are working on the reconstruction of the dam, so the reservoir is empty.

Escalante Nation Bridge- is one of the most impressive sites. It is nearby and a very doable hike, but plan on getting wet because you have to cross the stream a number of times.

Other nearby Place of Interest